Porn Movies - Cosplay and Porn Parody

The latest and trending news in the world is coming from the porn industry movies.

From Grand Theft Orgy into Quantum Deep into Whorecraft, possibly the most enduring sub genres of superior porn has ever been the porn parody - pay homage to mainstream media franchises for a few naughty, hardcore actions.

Like the Tom Cruise picture of the very comparable name, the Missionary Position Impossible film turned into a franchise, and just like Cruise and co, this throw of MPI would do incredibly dangerous things like light dynamite at hip height. 

Since the film's tagline asks: what's life if lived alone?

It then proceeds to answer with rutting boy vamps. While this may have less than completely nothing related to Ian Fleming's kid's picture, it's a using parody title.

Who on Earth would want to see a porn edition of Chitty, with a flying machine and the child snatcher?  Yikes. Porntastic.

He won't be trimming your hedges, but he is essentially perfect for porn.

Obviously, the movie follows the well worn route of psychoanalysis turning into lesbian sex scenes.

While Forrest Gump had a fair quantity of sex of one sort or another, it was usually of the unhappy kind, as Forrest and Jenny wound their way through America's mid into late twentieth century history.

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